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Anne Stanton Publications was created to provide inspiration to young readers through the life stories of real people. To that end, stories presented here have been thoroughly researched, creatively produced and are presented in a way that is both engaging and informative. Each publication is accompanied with free instructional materials that can be used in the classroom to further investigate the story. In addition, links to additional information related to the historical period and cultures introduced in the books are provided on the Resource Material page.

An Upstream Battle:

John Parker’s Personal War on Slavery

The first book released by Anne Stanton Publications, An Upstream Battle: John Parker’s Personal War on Slavery, tells the exciting true story of John Parker, a successful African American businessman who also served as a guide for runaways. At first reluctant to risk his own newly earned freedom to help others, John Parker became deeply involved in the effort to help runaways and personally helped hundreds of people cross the Ohio River to freedom. Based on events portrayed in Parker’s autobiography, An Upstream Battle tells four stories from the life of this amazing American in a form suitable for middle grade readers. 

Primary source information, a middle grade classroom curriculum, and supplemental materials related to An Upstream Battle can be found on the Resource Materials page.

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